Hi my name is Cathy Nguyen. One of my greatest ambition in life is to become a doctor who will save lives and give hope everyone. I am continuously fascinated by my environment and forever grateful for the people of my surrounding. I am completely in love with fashion,because as Coco Chanel once said “A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.”
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Monday, January 20, 2014 @ 12:11 PM

So on the 11th, my siblings and I flew to Adelaide for 5 days to visit our fat lesbian mole licker border emo niece/ cousin Viv.i.am. The flight took approximately 1hr, we arrived in Adelaide around 6pm, and Vivian picked us up from the airport. It was Anh Tien daughter's birthday, so he had a bbq for her! His daughters name was Cindy, and she was sooo cute and adorable. Omgosh makes me want to have a daughter ahhah, she was turning 5. The food was really nice, we left to go to the park that was nearby, and the park was absolutely gorgeous. It had a massive lake, and lots of ducks and pelicans..mmm... peking duck AHAHAHAH im kidding! We played with the little kids and I even made one cry. I swear I didnt even do anything! Then we went back to cut the bday cake, and then went home. Vivian had a double bed, and also her little brother Minh Duy. So Thien slept with her brother, and jenny slept with Vivian, fortunately for me I had the "extra firm mattress" aka the floor LOOOL and damn the floor was hard, luckily Vivian gave me 2 cushions for it, or else I would of needed back reconstruction.

On Sunday, Vivian and fam took us to sushi train aka Heaveeeeeeeeeeen! I was legit craving for some salmon sushi, and omgosh I had this salmon sushi avocado thingy, and it tasted like heaven, it was like silky velvet in ma mouth man, and I was legit just in heaven. I also tried Sushi Cola, and it was like a green tea cola drink that tasted pretty good! We ate around 33 plates of sushi together, which was pretty impressive! After that I did abit of grocery shopping and then headed to Hollywood, a shopping centre that had target, and clothing stores! I bought Cindy perfume and nailpolish, as a gift for her bday. Then we headed home. For dinner we had Banh Xeo, then we headed off to visit Anh Thao and his kids. It took us around 25-30 mins to get to Anh Thaos house, and when we came, he wasnt there LOOOL how sad, but his children were, and omgosh they were sooooo cute, both had big round eyes and white skin and just soooo adorable, idk how they got their good looks from but defs not from him AHHAHAHA im kidding. But they were just so cute, we played with them for at least 2 hrs and then left. We then went home and slept.

On Monday, we went to town, in the sweltering hot weather. We first went to Ajisen to have lunch. We all had Bento box, I had the pork one and it was really nice. They gave alot of side dishes which was different from melb! It tasted really good. We then went to Rundle Mall to do a little bit of shopping. To my surprise, I bought 3 tops from a very good cheap store called Paper scissors, the tops were very good quality and for a very good price as well. I was heaps shocked that I would even buy anything, since Vivians always telling me how Adelaide has no sales and very little clothing! We then went home, for dinner I made carbonara and we just talked and went online all night long

The heat wave was getting out of hand, it was bloody hot! Vivian promised me that Paper scissors was going to be at Elizabeth a big mall, that was kind of like highpoint! I was full excited to go there, but when we arrived, she told me that it had been replaced by another shop! I was about to back hand her in the face AHAHAHAH kidding! We did abit of roaming around and then headed to the swimming pool! When we arrived at the pool it began to thunderstorm and rain, I was heaps scared cause I didnt want to get struck by lightening. So we all ran into the pool as quickly as we could. When we went into the water, it was so cold and cool and so relaxing, we swam and did breathing competitions and just mucked around for a couple of hours, and Vivian nearly got drowned by Thien, LOOOL and then headed to buy KFC since we were all starving. When we went KFC, Vivian drove into the drive thru, and we all wanted to go inside, so she had to explain to the operator that she wanted to go inside, the operator person kept saying, ummm sorry, I couldnt get that LOOOL then we went into KFC and bought a family feast, 6 wicked wings and a crusher! We were all starving so by the time we got home the two large chips were gone, we didnt even get changed and just ate the KFC and omgosh dear goodness sake, the food tasted soooo good, like it was the best thing on earth, the chicken was good, the chips were good and gravy was delicious and the coleslaw. We were all in heaven. Even Minh Duy who usually doesnt eat that much had 4 pieces of chicken, and side dishes. It was amazzzzzinggggggggggggggg.

Wednesday was the day I met the love of my life Hunter Wang... AHHAHAH Weds was the last full day that we had in Adelaide, so I wanted to go back to Paper Scissors to get more tops. It was extremely hot but I still wanted to go back to Town. Vivian called up her friend Hunter to come meet us, so after buying another 2 tops from my fav store, we all went to Roll n Roll to have Bimbappizz LOOL also know as bibimbap. Vivian was raving about how good the bimbappiz was and it was really good, not like AMAZING like how she described it, because I had very similar food like that in Melb, but what surprised me most was the sushi, OMGOSH LIKE OMGOSH the sushi had pumpkin in it, like what kind of sushi has pumpkin in it, it was amazing, soooo good, I was in heaven, and the other sushi we tried like peach in it, the one that Hunter order was really good as well, the eel sushi, but the cheese aftertaste wasnt very pleasant. But omgosh I really want to eat it again, so bad! YUM YUM YUM. We then roamed around the city, and went to China town to visit the korean store. It was so hot, so we tramed it back to the station and went back home. For dinner, Chi Hue took us to the pub to try the beef steak, I really liked the beef steak, it reminded me of my dads cooking at home, which I missed, since we ate out so much! The food at the pub was really good, and for that price, its cheap as chips in comparision to melb, even tho we didnt pay for it! We then went to visit Anh Thaos children since it was our last full day, and after a phone call to Anh Thao he came home and we just talked to him about how cute his kids were, then we left.

It was our last day in Adelaide and we would depart at 6.35pm. Chi Hue took us to Sushi Train for the last time, and we had our final sushi. I tried to stuff myself with the salmon sushi but I just couldnt eat anymore, however Vivian surprised me when she ate like nearly 7 sushi salmon pieces, I was heaps surprised, shes legit my idol. We then went to Harbour town which was near the airport and then did abit of shopping, I bought an ipad case, and folders from Forever New and also a white dress from Temt. It was really hot, the hottest city in the world that day was Adelaide, and we were outside, in the heat shopping LOOOL. It was time to go to the airport and we said our goodbyes and left.

Overall going to Adelaide was a really amazing experience, I had so much fun and it was so damn hot, but we were able to overcome the heat and had a great time! I miss Vivian so much, sluzza come to melb so we can smoke weed everyday LOOOL Now the rest of the holiday will be so gheyyyyy, so sad!!!