Hi my name is Cathy Nguyen. One of my greatest ambition in life is to become a doctor who will save lives and give hope everyone. I am continuously fascinated by my environment and forever grateful for the people of my surrounding. I am completely in love with fashion,because as Coco Chanel once said “A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.”
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My 19th
Friday, July 12, 2013 @ 5:10 PM

So Im finally 19, I am so old, yet I pretty much useless! Anywho, so I was at a party on Wednesday, and so I didnt have a good sleep on my birthday, hence I was tired and feeling like a fat sloth. In the morning my parents gave me $100 as a gift! So i was really happy! Then the rest of the morning I just pretty much just cleaned the house and my room, and got my outfit ready for the night. Then I went grocery shopping, and came home to 2 letters from Vivian. When I saw the letter in the mail, I was so so so so HAPPY and excited because I was scared her letter would come on today, instead of on my actual birthday date. When i opened the envelope there was a big white card with the letter C cut out of it. Which i found pretty cool! When i read the letter, I couldnt stop laughing, Vivian that bitch ass nigga, wrote half her life story on the card! It makes me miss her even more ( not..... like who would miss a vietnamese international faggot adelaide girl with a heavy flow and wide set virginia) It meant so much to me, to have a letter sent from her, like this was the only birthday present I have ever received from her and probably the last cause shes a cheap ass fob who orders a single cheeseburger instead of a double HAHAHAHAH. Kidding, I love you Viv i am!!! COME MELBOURNE!! IM WRITING THIS LONG ASS POST FOR YOU! WHY ARE YOU SO OBSESSED WITH ME! I miss you so much, can you just like fly over to Melbourne already seriously! And I promise Im going to frame the card with our swag thug lyfe photo, so comeeeeeeeeee!
When dad came home, he bought a cake for me! It was so pretty, all pink and white! I initially wanted a strawberry torte cheese cake, but no one in my family liked it, so I had to self sacrifice my craving for my family ( such a good daughter and sister). AHAHAHAH Then Jenny and Thien screamed and sangHAPPY BIRTHDAY out loud, and Im sure the neighbours probably thought our house was abit insane! They sang it so awful and loud that probably a deaf person would be able to hear again, dear goodness. So around 6.20pm Cindy came and picked me up to go and eat with the others. An hour before that Krizel called to say that the car broke down and that they had to fix it up, which would take 5 hours, and I could hear Kelly screaming in the background saying " Cindy fix the car" I swear they are like the worst actors, even worst than my brother who fakes being asleep, so he can take my money gosh. HAHAHAH. We went to this restaurant called ' Boat House' which was Gary from Masterchefs restaurant. The atmosphere was so calm and relaxing, and the candles and decorations were so nice! We all ordered dinner, which literally made me gain like 5kg, the food was pretty nice, I enjoyed it alot! Afterwards, we decided to go to Crown Casino! It was so packed and busy at Crown! Cindy gambled with $10 and end up winning $30. Seeing that Krizel decided to become a member at Crown so she could get free parking and $5 for free. This girl is legit broke, like borderline poverty I swear, with only $1 in her bank account, I dont know why she didnt just save that $5. So Krizel thought she could make $5 to $50 LOOOL, sadly she didnt. The moment she placed her $5 chip in, she lost straight away. ahhahahahah such an unlucky girl with money! We all then decided to leave Crown, Kelly wanted to go to the strippers and it was only 9.30pm. I didnt want to see full naked men so I asked them to go home. But none of them wanted to go home, so everyone started making suggestions as to where to go. Kelly wanted to go St.Kilda to see hookers, i dont know why, dont ask me, she's probably a lesbian in denial. Poor Cindy had to roam around, everywhere and we ended just coming back to my place..... Big mistake asking them to come back, cause they legit didnt want to go home. I was so tired and exhausted and wasnt feeling so well, so I wanted to go sleep. But no one them wanted to leave my bed, like bitch get the f off my bed. I begged them for nearly 40 minutes and no one would budge, they all just used my wifi and capped my net, but no one them would go home! So after begging them to leave, they eventually went home AHAHAHA I forgot to mention, they bought me a DKNY white watch and a gold Mimco bracelet, which was so so pretty. I never had a watch before so I really needed one! Im so grateful for such amazing family and friends, getting birthday wishes and text just reminds me of how important it is to always be a good person, friend, sister, daughter.....
Anywho Im off, here Vivian you moley moley girl, is your 2k essay mwah mwah