Hi my name is Cathy Nguyen. One of my greatest ambition in life is to become a doctor who will save lives and give hope everyone. I am continuously fascinated by my environment and forever grateful for the people of my surrounding. I am completely in love with fashion,because as Coco Chanel once said “A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.”
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Secret obsession
Friday, November 18, 2011 @ 6:11 PM

Its so hot today, I hate hot weather! I know, some people love the hot weather, the beach, the tan. Im the winter person, I like the rain, the snow, the hot chocolate by the camp fire. But I really do want to go swimming now, I havent hit the pools in ages nor the beach. Definitely going beach everyday when Im at Queensland, and plus theres a outdoor pool at surface paradise, so Im going to go swimming under the stars baby! So my sister has been going on a diet, that anorexic person, I attempted to do the same, so today I ran for like 25 minutes on the treadmill and lost like what 110 calories. What the hell, I can eat a peanut and gain like 500 calories. Sigh, such is life. I had my english, methods and bio exam this week. Last night I studied 9 chapters of biology, and boy it was so fun..... Nah I love biology, its my favourite subject and then Chemistry. I really want to go shopping, Ive been literally craving to go, in one weeks time Ill be free, I have Chemistry, Psychology and Religion left, so thank goodness for that. I want Bustiers NOW!