Hi my name is Cathy Nguyen. One of my greatest ambition in life is to become a doctor who will save lives and give hope everyone. I am continuously fascinated by my environment and forever grateful for the people of my surrounding. I am completely in love with fashion,because as Coco Chanel once said “A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.”
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Boxing Day
Monday, December 26, 2011 @ 6:55 PM

So today is Boxing day, I had work at 12 so I had to leave early from Highpoint to get back to Sunshine. I bought one thing at Highpoint today which was the circular glasses from Equip for $11, it was half price. Jenny and Thao headed off to the city after I left and Jenny bought me the grey singlet maxi, which was really thoughtful of her, because I really wanted it. Last night I was hoping that I would some how find myself a snow globe since both of my siblings had one each. When I woke up this morning my dad gave a snow globe to my brother, so I begged Thien for it, and he gave it to me. My goodness everything I wish for comes true, I wanted glasses and I got it, I wanted a maxi dress and I got it, I wanted snow for Christmas and my wish came true and now to top it off I get a snow globe. Lifes really great right now!