Hi my name is Cathy Nguyen. One of my greatest ambition in life is to become a doctor who will save lives and give hope everyone. I am continuously fascinated by my environment and forever grateful for the people of my surrounding. I am completely in love with fashion,because as Coco Chanel once said “A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.”
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Happy Birthday Be Duyen
Monday, April 30, 2012 @ 8:14 AM
Happy Birthday to my dearest sexiest most beautiful cousin/niece Vivian. I miss you so much and I hope you have the best birthday ever, you are the most fugliest gap tooth bitch I know, but I still love you. I wish you all the best for everything, cause you truly deserve it. By the way I still have those banana in pj magnets from your birthday cake above. Please come to melbourne at the end of this year or else I will cut you up! Thank you for everything you have done for me, Im so grateful to have such a sexy lesbian cousin LOL. Youre a gold digger and a sluzza, and remember to take all the guys money and share some with your german aunt. Thank you for listening to me rant through inbox and webcaming with me on numerous occasions, and showing me all your new dresses. Melbourne isnt the same without Viv i an, oh did I tell you this... Tim's a life guard now.... HAHHHAHA You love it. You better come melbourne so I can cook you loads of food, do our makeup and hair and photowhore together. I need to take you to korean bbq and also order you a large starbucks for being such a wonderful cousin. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN YOU FAT LESBIAN MOLE LICKER! I hope agressive animal Hunter will be giving you some birthday sex tonight HAHAHAH. I love you!!! SINCE YOUR SUCH A TB I HAD TO POST THESE PICTURES UP. I went through your blog, and boy have you transformed well. I couldnt stop cracking up at you tb 'love quotes'. One was like 'you know your in love when you cant stop writing his name during class' LOOOL your 12, you know nothing about love AAAHAH I love you<3